Sparsh Donation

सम्मत्तदायगानं , दुप्पदियारं भवेसु बहुएसु |

सववगुनमेलियहि  वि, उवयारसहस्सकोडिहिं ||

सम्यक्त्व की समज देनार गुरुदेव के उपकार अनंत भव के बाद भी चूका नहीं सकते!

- उपदेश माला 

Padma Bhushan Pujya Acharya Shri Ratnasundar Surishwarji Maharaj Saheb has gifted the world 400 books, changing the direction of many of our lives and bringing them in line with the teachings of Bhagavan Mahavir. When it is time-consuming to write even one heartfelt letter, writing 400 books demands an immense sacrifice. Gurudev has given precious time from his Saiyam life for our benefit.

Through this event, Ahmedabad will witness the richness of Jin Shasan, and our youth will reconnect with Jainism for the rest of their lives. During the three-day Shibir, Gurudev will inspire couples to live Marganusari (conducive for spiritual enhancement) life and give guidance to shape the next generation of Jains.

You contribution in Sparsh will be utilized in all seven khestras as listed below.

  1. Sadharmik Bhakti
  2. Sadhu - Sadhvi ji Bhagvant’s Kutir
  3. Girnar Tirth’s replica 
  4. Jeevdaya 
  5. Anukampa 
  6. Vaiyavach 
  7. For Book
  8. For Exhibition 
  9. For Bhojan 
  10. For Youth & Girl Shibir
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