Donation Policy

Jain Alert Charitable USA Inc.

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Donation Policy

Adopted on May 1st, 2021


Donation Policy

Article I Purpose

Jain Alert Charitable USA Inc. (“Alert”)  is a non-profit organization, and its operating budget consists mostly of financial contributions, donations, and gifts. Because so much of Alert’s budget to carry out its worldwide mission depends on financial contributions, donations and gifts, it is important for Alert to communicate to its supporters how it handles such donations and to create a consistent organizational approach and practice regarding this vital part of its ministry.

Article II Gift Acceptance Policy

Gifts to Alert may be made in any amount for the benefit of any of Alert’s domestic or international programs. Gifts may be designated for a specific program or purpose. Gifts may also be unrestricted in which case they will be disbursed to the area of greatest need at the sole discretion of the Jain Alert Charitable USA Inc.’s Board of Directors, or the Board of Director's designee.

  1. Gifts of Cash
    Alert will only accept gifts of cash, checks, money orders, payments via credit or debit card and electronic payments.
  1. Written Acknowledgement
    Alert shall provide written acknowledgement of all gifts made to Alert and comply with the current IRS requirements in acknowledgement of the gifts.
  2. Donation refund
    All Donations are nonrefundable but if the donation was made by error and contacted us within 5 days of the donation, Refunds are returned using the original method of payment. If you made your donation by credit card, your refund will be credited to that same credit card.
  3. Changes to or Deviations from the Policy
    This Policy has been reviewed and accepted by the Alert’s Board of Directors, which has the sole authority and discretion to change this Policy. In addition, the Board of Directors must approve in writing any deviations from this Policy.

The terms,  “funds”, “contributions”,  “giftsand donationsare used interchangeably throughout this policy document unless otherwise stated.