JAY – Jain Ambassador Yojana


Jainism is one of the World’s oldest religion, with several million followers in India, and a sizeable diaspora in the USA, UK, Canada, etc. 

JAY's Mission :

To improve the spiritual and physical quality of life for Jains and wider community. Through its spiritual, academic, philanthropic, interfaith, and public service works, the Jain Ambassador Yojana (JAY) is hailed as a key Initiative of Jain Alert Group - Globally.

We hope to show how the learnings of Jainism can be practiced and bring one success in all areas of life! We want to build a community of Jain Youth who follow the path shown by the Tirthankaras and spread its message with the broader community.

Our JAY Leaders

Name: Shivani Rushank Shah

Education: Masters in Information Technology and Management

University: Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago

Graduation year: 2023

Wall of vision: As a proud Jain I want to see every Jain proudly saying that I'm Jain where ever they are in the world and become ford builder for everyone. They are always there to help people with their faith in Jain Dharma in such a way that they can able to build respect for Jainism in others non Jains.

Name: Viraj Shah

Education: Manufacturing Engineering

University: North Carolina State University

Graduation Year: 2023

Wall of vision: With JAY, no Jain should miss out on Aaradhna just because of lack of knowledge or awareness or resources.

Name: Kuleen Digantkumar Shah

Education: Computer Engineering

University: University of Texas - Arlington

Graduation Year: 2023

Wall of Vision: Savi Jiv karu shasan Rasi

I want to seep Principles of Prabhu Mahavir In each and every corner of the Heart.

Name: Harsh Shah

Education: Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

University: The Ohio State University

Graduation Year: 2024

Wall of Vision: To ameliorate daily life by deepening Jain values into the belief system

Name: Darshil Shah

Education: Masters in Computer Science

University: Stevens Institute Of Technology

Graduation Year: Dec 2022

Wall of Vision: You might be miles away from your home but we will make sure that you don't go a single step away from Prabhuji's Marg. A path from Jaina to Jinsashan

Name: Siddharth Jain

Education: Industrial and Systems Engineering

University: University of Michigan-Dearborn

Graduation Year: Dec 2022

Wall of Vision: Jain youth in North America will be able to learn and cultivate the jain principles and values in day-to-day life which eventually will be helpful in their professional, personal, and spiritual growth.

Name: Harsh Devanshu Shah

Education: Information System Engineering

University: Northeastern University, Boston

Graduation Year: Dec 2023

Wall of Vision: My goal for JAY is to raise knowledge of JAIN PRINCIPLES and BELIEFS in the United States and to instill them in myself and everyone else so that we can honor them in our daily lives.