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DOST (Dedicated Overseas Support Team)

Jain Alert USA is introducing Alert DOST (Dedicated Overseas Support Team) Network across North America for immigrant Jain students and families to receive guidance and necessary support to establish themselves in the new country. Alert DOST is a network of volunteers settled in the USA and Canada and willing to assist based on their capacity and availability.

Jain Alert Usa is inviting you to join the Alert DOST Network. This network, spread across North America, will support immigrant Jain students and families by providing guidance and necessary support to establish them in the new country.

The most common support provided by the volunteers are:

  • Provide pre-arrival guidance for securing appropriate accommodation
  • Serve as a local emergency point of contact
  • Introduce the individual(s) to other Jain families in the area
  • Assist with adjusting to the local norms and introduce them to available resources (i.e., employment services, community educational programs, grocery, food, transportation options etc.)
  • Assist with a job search and connect them to the relevant professionals