Would you like to view the Universe the way Bhagvan did? Omniscient did? And Gyaani (learned) Mahatamas do?

Then UDAY is back with the wisdom of Kevali bhagvants and it's practical implications in today's world. After a successful Unit 1 on the 12 Bhavanas, we are excited to move ahead on this journey to enlightenment. Our weekly sessions for Unit 2 starts on March 15th, where we will understand the basics of 12 Shravak Vrats (vows of laypeople) through Swadhyay and engaging Q&A.

The sessions will be conducted primarily in English and simple Gujarati so that concepts can be more clearly expressed. To ensure detailed discussions and maximum interaction, the seats are limited to 30 attendees. Registration and confirmation to join is on a first come first serve basis. The session link and additional study material will be shared via Google Classroom and WhatsApp link to all the participants.

Dates & Timings for Unit 2:

Every Friday, 9PM-10PM Eastern

First Session: Friday, March 15th, 2024

Final Session: Friday, April 19th, 2024

To join the session, please register through the form below and deposit the registration fee of $5 per person.

Feel free to reach out to Suvidhi Jain (suvidhijain23@gmail.com) or Harsh Shah (harsh7595@gmail.com) in case you have any questions.