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Welcome to Jain Alert Group Of USA

Organization empowering vibrant, energetic, and progressive Jains of North America


Jain Alert was formed by PujyaYuva Hraday Samrat Acharya Bhagwant Shri Hemratna Suriswarji Maharaja Saheb, who envisioned the need for a platform that would engage and empower Jain youth. Since 1983, we have connected over 35,000 youth across India, and now the world.

Jain Alert Group of USA is established to build a network of vibrant, energetic, and progressive Jains of North America inspired by present mentor and guide of Jain Alert Group Param Pujya Acharya Bhagwant Saraswati Labdhi Prasad Shrimad Vijay Ratnasundar Surishwarji Maharaj Saheb.


Jain Alert Group of USA believes in work that is self initiated, silent, consistent and dedicated to Jain Shashan and humanity without craving for a name or fame... this is the psychology that P. Pujya Gurudev has imbibed in all Alerts...! Our Gurudev had a firm belief that Youth on spiritual path can bring a real change to our society.....

Present Mentor and Guide of Jain Alert Group is Param Pujya Acharya Bhagwant Sarswati Labdhi Prasad Shrimad Vijay Ratnasundarsuriwarji Maharaj Saheb.

Kumarpal V Shah

All pious tasks are performed under guidance of Pranimitra, Jivdaya Premi Shravakratna Shri Kumarpal Bhai V. Shah.

Great Mission to change lives of Youth is taken as a life goal by our Sir Senadhipati, Sanghbhushan Shri Kalpeshbhai V. Shah, Shri Jayeshbhai Bhansali and Shri Prakash bhai Shah who are leading youth towards seva and samrpan.

Kalpesh Shah
Prakash Shah
Jayeshbhai Bhansali

Alert is a way of life, a pious thought process, great philosophy that inspires youths across the country to perform activities of Shri Sangh Seva and Jain Shashan Prabhavna in their respective Sangh, Area, City, Region and State. A platform of Alert provides list of such activities, guidance, practical know how and readymade modules for doing any such activity with ease and effectiveness. Plateform of Alert Group is the right place to realise that each one can contribute to humanity in a busy schedule. One needs to have a right intension; rest Alert will facilitate…

"Connect, Create, Contribute and Carve your path with Alert Group Power of pious living"