Navpad Competition


A competition for all ages to discover the beauty and greatness of Navpad Oli!

All Submissions due by 11:59pm on Friday, April 15th, 11:59pm EST. 

Update: The competition is closed, winners have been announced

  • Age 5-14
  • Age 15-29
  • Age  30+
Age 5-14

Create a short video explaining the importance of either of the following:

  • Navpadji/Siddhachakraji
  • Performing Ayambil Tap
  • The Story of Shripal and MayanaSundari

Please be as creative as you like!

  • Video should be 2-3 minutes in length.
  • Voice should be loud and clear.
  • English, Gujarati, and Hindi allowed

Age 15-29

Navpad Essay Competition

The Siddhachakraji, worshiped during Navpad Oli, consists of the Nav Pad (9 Great Entities). Each Entity plays a role in the life of every Jain. Pick one of the following two Pads and write a short essay describing their significance in Jainism as well as what lessons youth can take from them to apply in their daily lives.  

  • Sadhu Pad
  • Tapa Pad

Please ensure:

  • Essay should be 500-700 words in length.
  • Essay should be in English
  • Essay should be sent as a Word document

Age  30+

Create a video showing how you would explain the Siddhachakraji/Navpadji to a 5 year old child.

Please be as creative as you like. Use of various media is encouraged. 

  • Video should be 3-5 minutes in length.
  • Voice should be loud and clear.
  • English, Gujarati, and Hindi allowed


After the submission deadline, you will receive a link to a Facebook post sharing your submission. Share the link amongst your network and ask them to like the original post. Final marks will be weighed 50% number of Likes and 50% Judges Scoring. 


  1. This competition is restricted only for participants outside of India.
  2. All submissions must be original.
  3. Jain Alert Group retains the rights to share the submission on social media and in future promotional activities.
  4. The objective of the competition is to promote ainisim and not to give monetary benefits to any individuals. The winners will be announced based on the discretion of Jain Alert Group and cannot be challenged.


Ages 5-14

1st Prize

Name: Drisha Kothari

Age: 8

Location: Montreal Quebec, Canada

2nd Prize

Name: Dhyaani Shah

Age: 5

Location: Kingsbury, London, UK

3rd Prize

Name: Jasmine Shah

Age: 10

Location: Princeton, New Jersey, USA

Ages 15-29

1st Prize

Name: Krisha Shah

Age: 15

Location: London, UK

2nd Prize

Name: Arham Jhaveri

Age: 15

Location: Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA

3rd Prize

Name: Vishani Shah

Age: 25

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Age 30+

1st Prize

Name: Sweni Shah

Location: Franklin Park, New Jersey, USA